Our Story

We began because of you...

A Million Thoughts Perhaps is a joint venture with Of Skin and Wellness.  Through traditional medicine and modalities we are well versed in treating what ails us most of time.  I have found however, while working with weight loss patients that many times changes can be affected by just what and how we think about ourselves.  "Chosen" was the first t-shirt idea and others spiraled from there.  Inspiration is born from some biblical influences, life experiences and just some words that sometimes you want to get off your chest.    

There are a few things I want to accomplish:

Create apparel and art that is empowering and a reminder to the wearer as well as the reader who they are.  Too often we are not using our words of affirmation in the way in which it can combat the negative influence of todays society.  I would like to change that and more importantly build a community of people who encourages because they remain encouraged. 

It's about you...

When you wear our apparel, you aren’t just wearing a comfy inspirational tee, you are serving as a reminder to people that circumstances are not a determinant of who you are becoming.


You are not crazy. You are not needy.  You are not messy. You are worthy of love and appreciation.  You are a chosen vessel therefore, where ever you are in life and what ever obstacles you face should be considered merely as a change agent.  Shame, judgement and guilt should be viewed as a catalyst to a better you.